ERC Specialists follows IRS guidelines and publications

ERC Specialists continuously monitors IRS guidelines. We update our processes to ensure compliance and help customers at every stage of filing.

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IRS Update

On September 14th, 2023, the IRS released a statement ordering an immediate moratorium on processing new ERC applications until at least the end of the year. This action comes in response to bad actors overpromising the credit and falsely guaranteeing qualification as a way to collect steep up-front fees.

At ERC Specialists, we believe that this momentary pause will benefit business owners by reducing the number of untrustworthy and aggressive players in the space. While this IRS action will slow the processing of refunds, it DOES NOT indicate the closure of the ERC Program.

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A trust-first approach to ERC

This action by the IRS puts renewed emphasis on ensuring your business finds a partner you can trust—not just one with fancy words—to help educate you about the credit and walk you through your claim. ERC Specialists remains committed to being the following:

  • Ethical
  • Reliable
  • Friendly

ERC Specialists is the gold-standard resource for business owners to learn more about the program and safely follow the steps to claim all credits for which they are eligible.

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The Gold Standard in Compliance

ERTC Experts

Expert, no-obligation review

ERC Specialists stands apart from the multiplicity of ERC scams by offering a safe place where businesses can apply and file with confidence.

Instead of making false guarantees, our trusted questionnaire supplies business owners with a way to navigate the IRS guidelines to see if their business may be eligible for claiming the ERC.

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Clarity before you file

If you feel your business is eligible for the ERC program, due to being affected by Covid-19 shutdowns, we suggest you review our compiled list of shutdown orders and keep applicable documents in your records, as well as details showing how that order affected your business. ERC Specialists' Government Shutdown Tool gives our customers easy access to these shutdown orders so they can stay informed and make confident decisions.

*Please be advised that this government shutdown list is not comprehensive and is intended for informational purposes only.

ERTC Experts

ERC audit defense strategy

In the event of an ERC audit by the IRS, you'll be better prepared to support your claim with ERC Specialists by your side.

  1. We have advanced technology that continually monitors our customers' tax records. Our software will notify you if the IRS selects the account for an exam. This allows our customers to have extra time to prepare for an ERC audit, up to 120 days before receiving the actual IRS Information Document Request (IDR) in the mail.
  2. We will supply customers with all ERC calculation documents, and supply our customers with access to a government shutdown list.
  3. We will introduce you to a tax attorney to help you successfully navigate the audit process. At ERC Specialists we have done the groundwork for you in finding the best attorneys and firms that specialize in defending this credit in front of the IRS.

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Helping you navigate the ERC with confidence

Has the uncertainty surrounding the ERC caused you to question your claim? It’s perfectly normal to have concerns when the market is filled with conflicting information. Let us address the top five concerns from fellow business owners so you can feel more confident in deciding whether applying for the ERC is right for your business.