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A trust-first approach to ERC

This action by the IRS puts renewed emphasis on ensuring your business finds a partner you can trust—not just one with fancy words—to help educate you about the credit and walk you through your claim. ERC Specialists remains committed to being the following:

  • Ethical
  • Reliable
  • Friendly

ERC Specialists is the gold-standard resource for business owners to learn more about the program and safely follow the steps to claim all credits for which they are eligible.

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The ERC in the News: What are analysts saying about the Employee Retention Credit?

The partial or full shutdown qualification is based on a “suspension test” to demonstrate that your operations were partially or fully suspended due to a Covid-19 governmental order. Keep in mind that a government restriction may have had a direct impact on your operations even though that shutdown order wasn’t given to you directly.

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The Washington Times

In the Washington Times, Peter Mihalik, former legislative director and counsel to Congressional representatives, asserts that "The IRS is unfairly trying to limit access to the ERC refundable tax credit" in the name of fighting scams.

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Forbes Magazine

Forbes Magazine features Robert Wood of WoodLLP, explaining the meaning of the ERC Moratorium. "The moratorium does not mean that the IRS is shutting down the ERC program because the IRS does not have the power to do that; only Congress and the President can do that. It also does not mean that the IRS is refusing to pay valid ERC claims that were already filed or will be filed in the future. It just means that there will be delays in receiving checks."

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KVTZ highlights the continuing availability of ERC credits for small businesses: "New claims can still be filed, but they will not be reviewed until after January 1, 2024"

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Forbes Magazine

Lendio's Brock Blake states in another Forbes article: "We applaud the IRS for their efforts to remove bad actors and fraudulent applications from their queue of applications. Doing so will create room for legitimate applicants to get access to the credit. Unfortunately, all of the attention and news stories have made it difficult for legitimate small business owners to understand whether they should still apply for the tax credit or not."

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Bloomberg Tax

Three different experts are quoted in this Bloomberg Tax piece, published shortly after the moratorium was announced. Kristin Balding Gutting from FORVIS says its time for businesses to examine both old and new ERC claims; Sunshine Chapman of ERC Provider says the IRS’s pause shouldn’t discourage businesses from filing legitimate claims; and Joshua Hamlet of Akerman says businesses should use the agency’s stoppage to consult with a trusted tax professional.

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