Our expertise lies in what most CPAs don’t focus on... payroll taxes.

We are tax service specialists exclusively dedicated to understanding and maximizing the CARES Act Employee Retention Credit (ERC) for U.S. businesses affected negatively by COVID-19.

In The News

In The News

We work with journalists to share compelling, unique stories about the Employee Retention Credit Opportunity. If you want to have an interview with an ERC Specialists Executive for an article, podcast, or television broadcast, contact us at marketing@ercspecialists.com

How We Optimize ERC Funding For Our Clients

Unlike the PPP and the EIDL, the ERC is highly complicated and requires specialized knowledge. We have the tax expertise you need to maximize your ERC tax credits. When you’re dealing with complex payroll and tax information, you need an expert with a more niched skill set than most bookkeepers or CPAs. You need professional advice, and we are here to assist you.

Our expertise lies in what most CPAs don’t—payroll taxes. In fact, many of our referrals come directly from CPAs who understand their clients require specialized assistance with their payroll needs, especially when dealing with the complicated ERC tax credit process.

Decades of payroll and tax experience have uniquely positioned us to assist you. This allows us to exclusively focus on maximizing the ERC program for your business. We understand that the complexity of the ERC tax code requires time and experience few other financial professionals have, which is why ERC tax credits have been so underutilized for small businesses.

Tax professionals at ERC Specialists will help you get the ERC credits your business is entitled to, saving you time and money in the process. With 40-plus years in the tax business, we have the reputation, integrity and proven results you need now.

Our 3-step process



Answer a set of questions to help determine your eligibility.


File with the IRS

Once approved, we file your information with the IRS.


Get Paid

You’ll receive a check from the IRS in 4-6 months.

Meet our team

Meet our team

As the experts that government agencies turn to for their specialized tax needs, we have the integrity and experience you can trust.

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